Prepare for your trip by printing the appropriate packing list.


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Hints on packing

Here are a few simple tips to help your travels go smoothly and prepare you for European hotels where stairs often replace elevators.

  • Packing Hint #1: Follow our packing list, travel light and try to carry on your bags whenever possible to avoid baggage loss or delay.
  • Packing Hint #2: Limit your luggage to 2 bags. We suggest the following: one carry-on size wheeled suitcase or duffel for your clothing, and one small personal bag (a small daypack or shoulder bag) for irreplaceable essentials. Make sure to check with your air carrier for allowable baggage size and restricted items.
  • Packing Hint #3: Freezer-weight Ziploc plastic bags are lightweight, inexpensive, and see-through. They make a great waterproof biking wallet and are indispensable for packing items like clothing, books, toilet kits, and lotions in your baggage.
  • Packing Hint #4: Travel-size samples save space and weight! Visit the “samples section” of your drugstore or supermarket and see if your favorite shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, toothpaste and deodorant are available in travel-size samples. If not, transfer some to smaller plastic bottles in the size you need. Remember to plastic bag all lotions!
  • Packing Hint #5: Think multiple use garments! Convertible pants with zip-off legs will save bringing an extra pair of shorts. Quick dry shorts double as a swimsuit. Be creative and keep that baggage light!
  • Packing Hint #6: Do your own laundry. Synthetic clothing can easily be hand washed and hung to dry overnight in your hotel room.

TSA Security Regulations

Please Note: See TSA Security Regulations public for procedures and suggestions for expediting your experience in security. US airline baggage regulations have changed, and we suggest contacting your air carrier(s) online or by phone for their most current carry-on and checked baggage allowances. Also, if you are using a European carrier, they may have different size and weight allowances.

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