Wildlife Tours

Wildlife Tours

Observe amazing wildlife and enjoy your personal comforts. Choose from exotic destinations like South Africa, Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, Costa Rica, Baja and even Alaska. Make your dreams true with a Wildlife Tour from Nichols Expeditions.

Best of Baja: Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching

2024 Tour Dates: Jan 22-Feb 2(one extra night at Magdalena Bay for the same price!), Jan 31-Feb 10, Feb 4-14, Feb. 11-21(FULL), Feb. 24-Mar 5
2024 Tour Cost: $1,895 per person, double occupancy
Ask us about other Whale Watching and Sea Kayaking Tours! More departures Available.
Get ready for the best winter get-away and most exciting natural history adventure of your life on our Baja Whale Watching and Sea Kayaking adventure! This tour combines the fun of sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez with the excitement of encountering some of the largest mammals on Earth, the Pacific Gray whales, in Magdalena Bay on the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja Peninsula.

Best of Baja: Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching2023-09-06T13:46:34+00:00

Baja Sea Kayaking – Island Hopping La Paz to Loreto

2024 Tour Dates:2024 Tour Dates: November 2 - 10 - Chuck and Judy Nichols will accompany this tour
2024 Price: $2100 pp double occupancy
On our Baja Sea Kayaking Island Hopping Tour, you will spend a week of paddling state-of-the-art sea kayaks, camping on shimmering white sand beaches, snorkeling with colorful tropical fish, sunrise fishing excursions, cocktails at sunset and the great food Baja is famous for.

Baja Sea Kayaking – Island Hopping La Paz to Loreto2023-11-16T19:39:29+00:00

Baja Sea Kayaking – Loreto to La Paz

2024 Tour Dates: Mar 16-24 (FULL), Mar 30-Apr 7 (FULL), Apr 13-21 (FULL), Apr 27-May 5 (FULL), May 11-19 (FULL), Oct 19-27 (FULL), Nov 9-17
2024 Price: $2100 Euros pp double occupancy
We invite you to join us on an exciting Baja Sea Kayaking exploration from Loreto to La Paz along the eastern shoreline of the Sea of Cortez.

Baja Sea Kayaking – Loreto to La Paz2023-11-09T01:57:35+00:00

Alaska / Camp Denali Wilderness Lodge

Tour Dates: weekly departures June 3 to September 11
2022 Tour Price: $1,100/night/person plus tax Rates are based on double occupancy
- 7 night tours begin on Monday or Friday
- 4 night tours begin on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
- 3 night tours begin on Fri, Sat, Sun
Camp Denali Wilderness Lodge lies within a vast wilderness of snow-clad mountains, lake-studded tundra foothills and forested river valleys make up Denali National Park and Preserve.

Alaska / Camp Denali Wilderness Lodge2022-08-16T22:48:11+00:00

Galapagos Islands Wildlife Tour

Tour Dates: Year-round
2021Price: From $3,500 per person
The Galapagos Islands Wildlife Tour is one of our most popular tours for wildlife viewing ! You will be living aboard a comfortable yacht and cruising through the Galapagos archipelago from island to island. Daily walking and snorkeling journeys will bring you up close to an array of unique, indigenous animals – giant tortoises, blue footed boobies, curious marine iguanas and playful sea lions.

Galapagos Islands Wildlife Tour2021-03-20T23:00:30+00:00

Costa Rica Tours

Tour Dates: Year-round
2023 Price: $1950 /per person double occupancy
Costa Rica Tours have it all – whitewater rafting, uncrowded beaches, snorkeling, sea kayaking, rain forest tours, canopy tours and unique wilderness lodges. Costa Rica Tours are perfect vacations for families, couples and single travelers.

Costa Rica Tours2023-02-08T01:34:17+00:00

South Africa Cycling Tour

Tour Dates: This tour is available as a charter.
Price:From $3,700 US per person. Contact us for tour price
Our South Africa Cycling Tour will introduce you to a spectacular region filled with beauty and surprise. From the majestic coastal roads of the cape to the vineyards of the interior, South Africa is wildly diverse and rich in natural attractions.

South Africa Cycling Tour2022-12-02T19:16:11+00:00
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