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Nichols Expeditions Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking Trips to remote islands and beaches in the Sea of Cortez. Enjoy Whale watching Baja or our Multi-sport Adventure in Turkey in the deep blue waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

Best of Baja: Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching

2023 Tour Dates: Jan 25-Feb 3 (FULL), Jan 28-Feb 5 (FULL), Feb. 2-10(FULL), Feb. 11-19(FULL), Feb. 18-26(FULL), Feb. 25-Mar 5 (FULL), Feb 28-Mar 8(FULL)
2023 Tour Cost: $1,695 per person, double occupancy
Ask us about other Whale Watching and Sea Kayaking Tours! More departures Available.
Get ready for the best winter get-away and most exciting natural history adventure of your life on our Baja Whale Watching and Sea Kayaking adventure! This tour combines the fun of sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez with the excitement of encountering some of the largest mammals on Earth, the Pacific Gray whales, in Magdalena Bay on the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja Peninsula.

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Baja Sea Kayaking – Island Hopping La Paz to Loreto

2022 Tour Dates: Mar 12-20(FULL), Mar 26-Apr 3, Apr 9-17(FULL), Apr 23-May 1(FULL), May 7-15(FULL), Oct 15-23, Oct 29 -Nov 6(FULL), Nov 12-29(FULL)
2023 Tour Dates: Mar 11-19(FULL), Mar 25-Apr 2(FULL), Apr 8-16(FULL), Apr 22-30(FULL), May 6-14, Oct 14-Oct 22(FULL), Oct 28-Nov 5(FULL), Nov 11-Nov 19.
2022 Price: $1795 pp double occupancy
2023 Price: $1850 pp double occupancy
On our Baja Sea Kayaking Island Hopping Tour, you will spend a week of paddling state-of-the-art sea kayaks, camping on shimmering white sand beaches, snorkeling with colorful tropical fish, sunrise fishing excursions, cocktails at sunset and the great food Baja is famous for.

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Baja Sea Kayaking – Loreto to La Paz

2023 Tour Dates: May 13-21, ***Nov 4-Nov 12 (This tour will be accompanied by Chuck & Judy Nichols) , Nov 18-Nov 26
2023 Price: $1850 Euros pp double occupancy
We invite you to join us on an exciting Baja Sea Kayaking exploration from Loreto to La Paz along the eastern shoreline of the Sea of Cortez.

Baja Sea Kayaking – Loreto to La Paz2022-11-17T01:21:33+00:00
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